Vojtěch Struhár

1. Customers love great UI and UX.
2. Developers love readable and maintainable code.

I can do both.

Reach out → vojtechstruhar@gmail.com

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Publish your Godot game to Itch.io with GitHub Actions

The glory of continous deployment!

March 6, 2024

Publish your Godot game to Itch.io with GitHub Actions thumbnail

Latest game project

My side projects usually revolve around game development or creating websites. Check out all of them!

Halloween Graveyard

A small game I made for Halloween. So spooky your soul left your body - so you play as a ghost!

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Halloween Graveyard

Job experiences

You can always find all of my past jobs on my LinkedIn! Here, I keep the latest / most interesting ones.

React + Python Developer

Navigo Solutions s.r.o.

Developing the project management application Navigo3.

Design and implementation of a new integrations system in Python!

Navigo Solutions logo

Web Developer

Madfinger Games a.s.

Development of both public websites and internal web-based tools.

Madfinger Games logo

Desktop Engineer

Lewitt GmbH

Participating in the development of a multiplatform desktop application in Qt.

Lewitt logo