Did I mention I want to be a game developer someday? So this is my road to fame. These are games that I actually finished and that are somewhat presentable. I hope this list will get bigger soon!

  1. Chaos Game Fractals

    Toy tool exploring fractal generation. Open source + made in Godot!

    See for yourself
    Fractal tool UI

  2. Painted Mosaics

    Mosaics generated from a hand-painted tileset.

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    Painted mosaics preview

  3. Halloween Graveyard

    A spooky halloween-themed game, where you play as a ghost.

    You can play this right now!
    Halloween Graveyard preview

  4. Wave Function Collapse Asset Generator

    A Unity plugin for generating assembling 3D tiles together. My bachelor's thesis project!

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    Martian base assembled with this plugin

  5. Recorder Madness

    Use a musical instrument as a controller!

    Try it! 🎺
    Recorder Madness preview

  6. Untitled Dungeon Game

    A stealth-based dungeon-crawler game. Made in Unity!

    Check it out
    Untitled Dungeon Game preview

  7. Dino platformer

    My first game ever - a good old platformer!

    Play in browser!
    Dino Platformer preview