Posted on December 30, 2022 | #raspberrypi , #storytime

My Raspberry will pay for itself in just 25 short years

I got my Raspberry Pi 4B 8GB as a Christmas gift for last year. And as I’m fiddling with the little guy, I’m trying to come up with some sort of use for him.

Back then, passive income was all the rage (even more than now), crypto was still up, and times were good. So I stumbled upon EarnApp - a network sharing app that earns you a little bit of money passively. I installed it on my RPI and forgot about it.

Yearly earnings are in

Halfway through the year, I was surprised by a $2.50 payout to my Paypal account. It was my little guy - still at work! And now that the year is nearing its end, we can look back on its amazing performance.


Woohoo, right? But don’t pop the champagne yet, there is still a long road ahead.

Earning power

My raspberry was bought with a camera starter kit. In my area, this package costs around $115!

1 / ( 4.66 / 115 ) ~= 24.678

This means the raspberry will pay for itself in just ~25 years! Pretty good, I know. Just stay on the grind 🏆

This article is obviously a joke. Raspberry is an extremely cool device and can be useful for a bunch of things. Just not this one :)

I love you, Raspberry ❤️ One day, you will prove yourself with a glorious task I will bestow upon you. I’m sure.