Recorder Madness

Microphone input is needed to play this game! If the browser popup doesn't appear, try selecting different input device.

This game was created as a school project with the topic of Playful Object for HCI Laboratory at FI MUNI, Brno. The goal of this project was to create an alternative / unusual way to control a computer.

It's meant to be played with a recorder - the musical instrument.. But you can try to whistle your way through some of the levels!

Made in Godot 3! Godot 4 was not stable enough at the time :)


  1. Shoot down enemies by playing the correct tone
  2. Play a predefined song correctly to avoid obstacles and to collect bags of cash!

Glorious gameplay

I even have a presentation video we were supposed to deliver from the project. Playing the hymn of HC Kometa Brno, like the patriot I am.