Wave Function Collapse Asset Generator

This is a Unity project I developed for my Bachelor's thesis.

It my adaptation of the Wave Function Collapse algorithm into 3D. Instead of generating images, it puts together Unity's GameObjects based on a set of user-defined rules.

Included in the plugin is a playable scene that serves as an interface for configuring the rules of the tileset. You can assign tags to each side of your tiles and then define which ones are allowed to be next to each other.

Assigning tiles in the integrated editor

If you want to read more about it or try it out, the project is publicly available together with my bachelor's thesis text.

Showcase videos

This an animation of the final results. The placement of the tiles is manually staggered in order to make the placement process more visible. Otherwise, the tiles would appear all at once.

Before the topic for my bachelor's thesis was approved, I developed a prototype of what I had in mind. This is a showcase video of the prototype, featuring simple city tileset.

At this stage, the project could only place tiles on a 2D grid (although the tiles were 3D models). This functionality was obviously expanded for the final project.